29 Apr 2021

Library and Recreation Coordinator – Pleasanton Public Library

This position will be dedicated to the Library and focus on:

  • Creating and implementing library programs and services that support readers and learners of all ages, including programs in other languages. Programs may include reading programs, afterschool opportunities, field trips, grant programs and story times
  • Establishing relationships with community partners, services providers, program participants, and volunteers
  • Scheduling, coordinating, and conducting library programming and outreach at special events for community groups and schools
  • Gathering and analyzing stories and data from programs and services to use for library marketing, reports, and program evaluation; and
  • Providing support to core library services such as reference and reading advisory, including providing excellent customer service in a busy public library.

Because of the diversity of the communities we serve, bilingual language skills and cultural competency skills are being sought. The recruitment brochure can be found here: blobdload.aspx (cityofpleasantonca.gov).

The Library and Recreation Coordinator position will be open until May 7th.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions.