3D printers

PLP has two LulzBot Mini 3D printers which any library may borrow. Staff have used this to train staff and for public programming. If you are interested in borrowing the printer for a month or two, please contact the administrative offices. A starter amount of filament will be provided.

Analytics on Demand (AOD)

Analytics on Demand allows libraries to export patron data and import it into the Gale Cengage’s Analytics on Demand product. With AOD, staff are able to more fully understand their market segmentations, and drill down to further understand their users. You can read more about the produce here. The PLP subscription lasts through December 2018, and includes five applications, or apps: Marketing Action – Patrons, Marketing Action – Non-Patrons, Patron Profiles, the eBook app (for 13 libraries), and the Dashboard (a visual business intelligence tool). There is also a subscription for 13 libraries for Branch Insights, which allows libraries to review use by home branch versus non-home branch users. For instance, if a library closes a branch for renovations, it will quantify the patron use at other branches. More seats are available for Branch Insights.


SimplyE is a open-source mobile app developed by New York Public Library. As more libraries nation-wide join in using SimplyE, it will continued to be developed. With the app, all of a library’s eBook vendor content can be served up in one location, and users will be able to search, borrow and read through SimplyE. PLP will pay for any public library’s subscription to SimplyE through Jun 30, 2019. For more information and to sign up, please contact Califa at