LSTA Grants

PLP has several ongoing and past LSTA grants. Below is a summary of them.

News Literacy Toolkit

PLP was awarded an LSTA grant to develop a collaborative approach between Bay Area libraries and local media to broaden news and media education in our libraries. Libraries already have a unique standing in our communities as neutral, trusted places for information access, so we are well-positioned to lead on News Literacy. PLP convened a team of local librarians that have been hard at work to help your patrons and communities navigate the changing media landscape and find quality news. We’ve built out a News Literacy Toolkit for you to use in developing and offering programming at your libraries.

Student Success Initiative

The goal in this project is to provide support and technical assistance for our pilot sites in creating local Student Success Initiatives where public libraries will work with local school districts to give students public library cards. Libraries and schools will be able to best determine the model for Student Success in their community, which may include a full-service library card, sharing of student IDs and data between schools and libraries, or an e-resources card. A Toolkit and other resource are available here.

Cybersecurity Training for Youth Using Minecraft

This FY 2018/19 project will address the need for youth cybersecurity education by building a set of cybersecurity modules using Minecraft. Through exploring these educational online adventures, youth will learn about cybersecurity and online safety. Librarians will be trained on offering programs using this model. Youth will become more confident in their understanding of network security basics such as password protection; how to identify outside threats; data protection; and social engineering.

Career Visions for New Adults in Rural California
Along with the NorthNet Library System and the Black Gold Library System, Career Visioning for New Adults in Rural Communities seeks to engage new adults and other underserved members of communities, and connect community service providers, job seekers, and librarians together to identify the local barriers to meaningful employment and provide solutions to them through Career Vision programming. Participants will learn new resources and strategies tailored to their unique geographic region for creating a plan for their future long-term career path, sustainable employment, and self-sufficiency.

Innovation and Technology Opportunity Grants

Each fiscal year, the Pacific Library Partnership, through a competitive process, awards grants to PLP libraries to support innovation and technology. They are awarded in two categories: Innovation and Technology Opportunity Grants, and the Grant Replication Program. The grant amounts awarded vary, but typically are up to $15,000. These grants are highly competitive and the winners will best represent innovative ideas for improving communities through accessible technology. You may find previous grants on the innovation grants page.