19 Feb 2020

Operationalizing Library Privacy: Policies, Procedures, and Practice


Libraries talk about the importance of privacy, but we usually don’t hear about the complex process of turning privacy talk into full-blown action at the library. This interactive workshop will break down the processes of creating, implementing, and maintaining privacy on an operational level at the library. We will discuss best practices in creating privacy policies, including reviewing current state regulations surrounding patron data, and how these laws can be used to guide in the development of privacy-related policies and procedures. The workshop will also explore the realities of incorporating policies and procedures into daily library operations and how to best approach these challenges at your library, including:

  • requests for patron data (circulation data, security camera footage, and shift logs) from law enforcement and patrons;
  • public records requests; and
  • the challenges in keeping library staff trained and up to date on privacy policy, procedure, and trends.


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