17 Feb 2022

Assistant Director – Peninsula Library System


The Peninsula Library System announces an Employment Opportunity of Assistant Director

40 hours per week – full time


The Position

Please see the attached job description for full details about this position.


The Peninsula Library System, located in San Mateo, California, is recruiting for an Assistant Director. The Assistant Director position is considered part of the Executive Management team of PLS. The Assistant Director assists the Executive Director by assuming broad responsibilities for oversight of the systems operations of the Pacific Library Partnership (PLP) and the Peninsula Library System (PLS) as well as for other contracting organizations and agencies.


The Pacific Library Partnership is a consolidation of four library systems: BALIS (Bay Area Library and Information System), serving Alameda, Contra Costa, and San Francisco Counties; PLS (Peninsula Library System), serving San Mateo County; MOBAC (Monterey Bay Area Cooperative Library System), serving Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito Counties; and SVLS (Silicon Valley Library System), serving Santa Clara County. There are 43 libraries participating in PLP.


This is an exciting opportunity for a forward-thinking library professional with visionary leadership who values innovation and collaboration.  The successful candidate will be able to move member libraries forward with significant programming and projects that will enhance and fulfill the strategic direction and values of PLP and PLS.


Application Process

Please submit the following to Wendy Cao, caow@plsinfo.org. Deadline: February 28, 2022, 5 p.m.  Initial interviews will be held remotely.

Please include a cover letter, resume, three references, and responses to Supplemental Questions.


Please include the answers to the following Supplemental Questions:

  1. Please describe any experience you have had developing and working with budgets; writing grants; implementing and managing grant-funded projects; or any other type of related work.
  2. Please describe how you demonstrate a commitment to building strong relationships that respect diversity of identity, background, perspectives, and diverse cultures, experiences and abilities.
  3. What are the three most important values you demonstrate as a leader? Please describe examples that exemplify each of these leadership values in practice within your past work experience