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Overdrive Experiments

Overdrive is launching a test to see how much of an impact ebooks are having in the publishing world. The goal is to put ebooks on the “map” so to speak, by seeing if one title is promoted across participating libraries, how much that will drive consumer choices in purchasing that title, or other titles by the same author.  If the results are favorable, it may lead to more publishers becoming ebook lending library friendly. Read the whole article here.

The book that will launch the experiment

The book that will launch the experiment

E-book survey

Infopeople has put up a survey regarding eBooks and eReaders. Take the survey here.


Happy New Year!

Happy 2012 for all of us.  Hopefully, the year goes a little better for libraries (hope is free, right?).  Here’s a little synopsis of the eBook wars of 2011 from Go to Hellman.


Overdrive and the fine print

The Librarian in Black has an illuminating post about some detective work that fellow librarian Ryan Claringbole undertook regarding Overdrive.  In a nutshell, Overdrive is limiting e-book catalog options depending on how patrons are authenticated in each library system.  It’s in the contract, so they aren’t doing anything wrong, but is it right?  Read the whole story here.  What do you think about these kinds of practices in our libraries?  Do you think libraries have the right to be upset if they sign the contract?  Is there another up and coming option to Overdrive?

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