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PLP Student Success Initiative Implementation Resource Toolkit

This Student Success Initiative Implementation Resource Toolkit represents what we have learned in the last year, and includes best practices, Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs), introductory letters and marketing which can be duplicated, as well as case studies from the libraries about their efforts throughout the year.

PLP Student Success Initiative Implementation Resource Toolkit

Examples of Successful School/Library Partnerships
Other Reports and Resources

Examples of Successful Partnerships
Many libraries have developed successful school/library partnerships throughout the United States. Below are some which you might find useful:

    • Charlotte-Mecklenberg Library’s partnership with Charlotte-Mecklenberg Schools (OneAccess). You can also read their profile at the Urban Libraries Council.
    • The Houston Public Library’s Learning Link program was established in partnership between the library, Houston Independent School District, the City of Houston, and the H-E-B grocery chain. Enrollment is automatic and the student’s school ID grants access to public library resources and services
    • Howard County’s A+ Partners in Education program is a partnership between Howard County Library System, Howard County Public School System, and Howard County Community College, launched in 2002
    • The Indianapolis Public Library’s partnership with the Metropolitan School District of Decatur Township (eResource card), which has distributed over 5,200 library cards to Decatur Township students in grades 1-12. You can read their Urban Libraries Council profile here.
    • Jacksonville Public Library’s partnership with Duval County Public Schools (Urban Libraries Council profile)
    • The Los Angeles Unified School District’s partnership with the Los Angeles Public Library (Student Success), which has already distributed over 50,000 library cards to students of all ages in the school district
    • Metro Nashville Public Schools’ partnership with the Nashville Public Library and Dollar General Literacy Foundation (Limitless Libraries)
    • Napa County Library’s partnership with Napa Valley Unified School District (One Card)
    • Oakland Public Library’s partnership with Oakland Unified School District (Oakland Promise Card)
    • The Portland Maine Public Library has partnered with the elementary and middle schools to create a student library card using the school ID number. Students can check out three items at a time, with no overdue fees. Read more about the SEED Card (Student Education, Entertainment and Discovery.)
    • Prince George’s County Memorial Library System’s partnership with Prince George’s County Public Schools, Leap Into New Knowledge (LINK), Linking Literacy and Learning
    • Rowan Public Library’s partnership with Rowan-Salisbury Schools (Rowan One)
    • San Francisco Public Library’s partnership with San Francisco Unified School District (Scholar Card)

Other Reports and Resources

The Urban Libraries Council has continued the work of the ConnectED Library Challenge. The original libraries which were part of that challenge have been joined with many libraries in the Urban Libraries Council to create ULC’s Leader’s Library Card Challenge. A toolkit has been created as part of this initiative.

The Beginning of a Library Partnership Conversation, a blog post by Kate MacMillan that recalls the discussion on School/Library Partnerships that was held at the 2016 California Library Conference in Sacramento.

The Future of Library Cards, from American Libraries, which discusses digital library cards and highlights the Rowan Public Library and Rowan-Salisbury Schools partnership.

A 2013 Pew Study found that 94% of parents surveyed said that libraries are very important for their children. Read the full report of the survey findings here: Parents, Children, Libraries, and Reading.

Rising to the Challenge: a 2014 report by The Aspen Institute Dialogue on Public Libraries that addresses the value of public library and community partnerships.

Stepping Up to the ConnectED Library Challenge: A Call to Action from the Institute of Museum and Library Services highlights several successful collaborations. It also includes talking points about the benefits for communities, and how to establish and maintain successful relationships with superintendents and other advocates.

The Urban Libraries Council hosted several webinars for libraries participating in the National Library Card Challenge. Below are links to the past webinars which may be useful for us to move forward with this project as seamlessly as possible: December 15, 2016 January 19, 2017

A+ Partners in Education: Positioning Libraries as a Cornerstone in the Education Process, a 2003 article from Children & Libraries on the development and implementation of the A+ Partners program.

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