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Registration is open for “Inclusion and Empowerment: Gender Diversity, Harassment Prevention, and Resilience”

Inclusion and Empowerment: Gender Diversity, Harassment Prevention, and Resilience

Registration is now open to the spring workshop, Inclusion and Empowerment: Gender Diversity, Harassment Prevention, and Resilience. This workshop is brought to you by the Pacific Library Partnership Staff Development Committee. We offer two sessions of the same workshop at different dates and locations. See below for more information.

Two sessions of the same workshop:
April 24 at Castro Valley Public Library
Register at

April 25 at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library
Register at

Both sessions 9:00 am – 1:00 pm (sign-in 8:30 – 9:00)
Registration fee: $25

Description: This workshop is appropriate for all levels of library staff.

9am-12pm Understanding Gender Diversity
Join us for an interactive and engaging session covering various topics related to queer identity including the impacts of the gender binary, current language, and best practices. Attendees will understand the spectrum of gender and sexuality, key terminology, and inclusive language; will have an increase awareness of specific issues, myths, and barriers for LGBTQ+ people in your community and workplace; and learn tips on embracing and celebrating diversity.

Presented by Jamie Joy of the Diversity Center Santa Cruz County, BoardSecretary for Monarch Services (sexual/domestic violence agency), state-certified HIV Test Counselor, Adjunct Health Trainer for CA Dept. of Public Health, and performance artist.

12pm-1pm Harassment Prevention and Workplace Resiliency
Leonie Sherman will cover harassment prevention, resiliency, and mindfulness in this interactive workshop! Leonie has reached over 12,000 students in the past 15 years, as young as 5 and as old as 96, from Southeast Asia to Southeast Alaska, with simple tools that empower and increase confidence. As a self-defense, yoga, and resiliency instructor, Leonie aims to provide a fun, compassionate and safe space for people to face fears and move through them.

The April 24 workshop will be held in the meeting room at the Castro Valley Public Library, a branch of the Alameda County library system.  On-site parking is available, and the library is close to the Castro Valley BART station.

The April 25 workshop will be held in a meeting room at the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library, the main library of San Jose Public Library.  The Fourth Street Garage is across the street from the library.

Questions about billing and registration, please call Wendy Cao at (650) 349-5538, or send an email,

Questions about the workshop, please email Elaine Tai at, or Michelle Krasowski at

Registration is open for “Cracking the Codes: Libraries Promoting Racial Equity”

The 2017 Spring Workshop of the Pacific Library Partnership Staff Development Committee is pleased to present two sessions of this workshop, which is appropriate for all levels of library staff.

Tuesday, April 11 || 9am-1pm || $15
Castro Valley Library (Alameda County) 3600 Norbridge Ave
register now:

Tuesday, April 25 || 9am-1pm || $15
King Library 150 E San Fernando St, San Jose
register now:

more details at

Analysis of PLP Strategic Workshop/Findings

A Message from Susan Hildreth, PLP CEO:

Thank you all for your participation in the PLP strategic workshop sessions this fall. We have provided for your information the summary report of these meetings. There is detailed information included in this report which provides much background for the findings. I would encourage you to closely review pages 3-6.  Click here for the report.

I saw PLP values and priorities in the “Patterns and Themes” section:

• Innovation
• Intentional collaboration in providing services and access to content
• Investment priorities – staff development, marketing skills, making and demonstrating program and service impact

“Service Ideas” are not surprising and provide a clear roadmap for activities:

• Continued professional development and leadership training
• Development of a robust knowledge platform to share best practices and provide opportunity for effective communication
• Provision of direct professional services (non-English language acquisition and processing) to members as well as access to consultants for specialized services through PLP contracts

The following initiatives were deemed high priorities in both the workshops and the follow-up survey:

• Staff Training and Professional Development
• Knowledge Platform/Document Repository
• Data Analytics Platform
• Regional and Local Needs Assessment
• Shared E-resource Search Platform for Convenient Access
• Models for Community Engagement
• Access to Professional Expertise/Consultants
• Future Library Organizational Model

The report identified strategies to move forward including identifying simpler initiatives (low-hanging fruit) to demonstrate success/value; building on existing services and technologies to leverage more value for all and facilitating leadership teams from PLP to develop more complex initiatives.
These findings were presented to the PLP Executive Committee for their consideration at their January 21, 2016 meeting. We will be following up to develop short and long-term goals and action steps. Please feel free to contact me at with any questions or feedback.

Pacific Library Partnership Strategic Planning Session

Please come and lend your voice to these important conversations and help shape the future of your library system, the Pacific Library Partnership!

PLP is convening three regional sessions with leadership from member libraries to identify how the system can deliver services that are of the best and highest value to our members. We aspire to enable our libraries to improve operational efficiencies, offer new and improved services to your communities and support your priorities as effectively as we can!

We’ll collaboratively:
• explore current needs and critical issues
• discover opportunities for PLP to meet those needs through existing or new initiatives, and
• prioritize initiatives that have the most potential benefit for our members

To reach the widest audience possible, the sessions will be followed up by a survey that leadership can use to provide further thoughts, and hopefully will distribute to staff in their libraries to expand the conversation. From this collaborative process, we will share a findings report that summarizes all facilitated discussions and survey responses, as well as identifies strategies and recommendations for moving forward.

We encourage all of our member libraries to participate. We welcome Directors, library management and all those who have a vested interest in shaping the future of PLP.

The workshop will be conducted in three locations within the system to provide ample opportunity for maximum participation. All three sessions will be facilitated by Sam McBane Mulford and Cheryl Gould. The workshops will be from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and includes lunch and light refreshments.

Please click on the link below to register for one of the three workshops:

Monday, October 5th Los Gatos Town Hall Council Chambers

Tuesday October 6th Millbrae Library (San Mateo County Library)

Wednesday, October 7th Oakland Public Main Library

PLPSDC Spring Workshop 4/21/15 or 4/22/15

Why Do They Act Like That and How Am I Supposed to Deal With It? : Working Successfully with Teens, Children, and Parents in Public Libraries

This workshop is appropriate for all levels of library staff, especially for staff whose primary focus at work falls outside children’s and teen services.

All of us who work in public libraries have to occasionally address behavioral issues. Children and teens fill most of our libraries every day.  We all work with them and, at times, with their parents.  The presenters will provide practical techniques and resources to work successfully with children and teens.

Topics will include:

  • Child development by age group
  • Age of reason
  • When can a child be left alone?
  • Children with special needs
  • The reference interview and the child
  • Tween/teen brain changes
  • Teen behavior
  • Distracting vs. dangerous behavior
  • Tips for positive interactions with teens
  • Tips for talking with parents of younger children, of older children, and of teens

Two identical sessions; choose one or the other:
Tuesday, April 21, Castro Valley Library, a branch of the Alameda County library system. On-site parking is available, and the library is close to the Castro Valley BART station. 9:00 am-12 noon (sign-in 8:30-9:00), $15 registration fee.
Handouts: Why Do They Act Like That? / .ppt Presentation

For more info and to register for 4/21, see:

Wednesday, April 22, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library, the main library of San Jose Public Library. The Fourth Street Garage is across the street from the library. 9:00 am-12 noon (sign-in 8:30-9:00), $15 registration fee.
Handouts: Why Do They Act Like That? / .ppt Presentation

For more info and to register for 4/22, see

Sarah Flowers has worked in California public libraries for 20 years, including five years as Deputy County Librarian at the Santa Clara County Library.  She was the 2011-12 President of the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA). She is the author of Young Adults Deserve the Best: YALSA’s Competencies in Action (2011) and Evaluating Teen Services and Programs (2012).

Penny Peck  has been a children’s librarian for 30 years. She has led thousands of children’s storytimes, hundreds of book club discussions for students in grades 4-12, and hundreds of school tours and assemblies.  She has taught classes in children’s and teen services at San Jose State University since 2002.  She has written three books on children’s services, including Crash Course in Children’s Services, 2nd edition (2014).

Handouts: Why Do They Act Like That? / .ppt Presentation