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Overdrive Experiments

Overdrive is launching a test to see how much of an impact ebooks are having in the publishing world. The goal is to put ebooks on the “map” so to speak, by seeing if one title is promoted across participating libraries, how much that will drive consumer choices in purchasing that title, or other titles by the same author.  If the results are favorable, it may lead to more publishers becoming ebook lending library friendly. Read the whole article here.

The book that will launch the experiment

The book that will launch the experiment

Booklist’s Mystery Webinar

If you’ve never taken advantage of any of Booklist’s webinars on what is upcoming and hot in a particular genre, you’re really missing out.  They are free, informative, and give the listener a lot of good ideas for what to read next, and naturally, that information is passed on to your library patrons.  Next Tuesday, 11 a.m. Pacific time, mysteries will be the highlighted genre.  Representatives from five different publishers will be sharing what is the hottest off of their presses.  Register here.


The Pacific Library Partnership (PLP) is looking for a fund development  consultant to work with San José Public Library’s adult literacy program, Partners in Reading, to lay the foundation for an individual donor campaign to develop a new renewable, sustainable revenue stream to support the program. The model developed through this project will be shared with other California library adult literacy programs that may wish to implement a similar project.
For the full RFP go to the RFP Page located under the Documents tab.

Happy New Year!

Happy 2012 for all of us.  Hopefully, the year goes a little better for libraries (hope is free, right?).  Here’s a little synopsis of the eBook wars of 2011 from Go to Hellman.


Database demos, job search tutorials, and staff development, too!

We’ve just uploaded several interesting things onto the site.  PLP is getting ready to negotiate our database subscription offers.  To make a good recommendation for your library, make sure that you participate.  This opportunity closes January 31st, 2012.  Here’s the link:

San Francisco Public Library just shared their video tutorials for job seekers.  These may serve as a good example of something to create for your own library, or you may be able to use them for your patrons.   The videos are in English, Chinese, and Spanish, and cover career-seeking, job sites, and resume creation.

The PLP Annual Staff Development Report is up.  Read it to find out how much they managed to accomplish with this year’s round of successful workshops.