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Library Talent Exchange Program

The PLP Executive Committee is pleased to announce the launch of the Library Talent Exchange Program.  Applications are due to Terry Jackson at  by Wednesday, April 30th.   The Committee endorses this program as they believe it will provide great value as a staff development opportunity for our members.  For description of the program and the application form, click here.

New State Librarian Appointed

Governor Brown announced the appointment of a new State Librarian two days ago.  For the full announcement, click here.

Newly appointed State Librarian, Greg Lucas

Pacific Library Partnership Innovation and Technology Opportunity Grant Program


At its October 31st meeting, the PLP Executive Committee approved an allocation of $150,000 to be used to fund an Innovation and Technology Opportunity Grant Program, based on the BALIS model. BALIS has had such a very successful program since 2006. These grants have produced significant and important results for the recipients.  The Executive Committee expects that this experience will be of great value to PLP member libraries.

Funding Limits

Each grant application may not exceed $15,000.

Criteria for Awards

Funds will be available to fund implementation of an idea, program or vision that provides a new service model or brings a fresh idea or interpretation to an existing model of library service. Reviewers will be asked to evaluate applications based on these criteria:

  1. Service that introduces a new idea, program or vision that is not currently used in PLP or surrounding libraries
  2. Service that may benefit other PLP members
  3. Service that may benefit other California libraries

Review Panel

The PLP Executive Director will recruit a three-person panel from outside of PLP to review funding applications and provide feedback on the proposals.


Grants are due on Tuesday, December 10, 2013.


PLP Grant Application

Remember & Go!

For Immediate Release:
Thursday, August 8, 2013
Remember & Go:
Memories of a Lifetime in Contra Costa County Library Embarks on a Local History Digitization Project

August 8, 2013 – Pleasant Hill, CA – Contra Costa County Library is the recipient of a $49,000 Library Services and Technology Act grant awarded by the California State Library to create Remember & Go, a database of historical photographs, artifacts, and other important items related to County history. As part of the project, the Library will hire a professional photographer to travel to Contra Costa County community libraries to take multi-view photographs of art objects such as the 24 Western Art sculptures, including Frederic Remington reproductions, donated by the Dean and Margaret Lesher Foundation and housed in multiple library locations.

Remember & Go will launch by spring 2014 with the Library kicking off the project by showcasing its art collection and continuing to expand the database with artifacts from local historical societies and other partnering institutions. Each item in the database will include a link to a map allowing users to locate an artifact’s physical location.

The Library’s new Facebook page, Memories of a Lifetime in Contra Costa County, currently provides residents and local history buffs a way to preserve their stories and share their knowledge with the community. Memories of a Lifetime will link to Remember & Go, highlighting special collections and featured items in the database.

Contra Costa County Library’s mission is bringing people and ideas together, and serves over 902,000 residents of urban, suburban, and rural communities through 26 community libraries, 3 Library-a-Go-Go book dispensers, and online library services available 24/7 at  The Library circulates over 7 million items annually with over 3 million virtual visits to the Library website each year. The Library is considered a leader in technology and access to information and is the winner of numerous awards, including the 2012 National Medal for Museum and Library Service from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

This project was supported in part by the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act, administered in California by the State Librarian.

For more information, contact:
Cathy Sanford
Deputy County Librarian, Support Services

More Grassroots Public Libraries

Librarian Shipwreck had an interesting post about the protesters in Turkey getting their library up and running.  Remember when our Occupy protestors here in the U.S. launched their own “for the people” library?

Overdrive Experiments

Overdrive is launching a test to see how much of an impact ebooks are having in the publishing world. The goal is to put ebooks on the “map” so to speak, by seeing if one title is promoted across participating libraries, how much that will drive consumer choices in purchasing that title, or other titles by the same author.  If the results are favorable, it may lead to more publishers becoming ebook lending library friendly. Read the whole article here.

The book that will launch the experiment

The book that will launch the experiment

Libraries are More Relevant than Ever

Congratulations again, to our own Luis Herrera, who wrote an excellent plug for libraries in the NY Times Room for Debate column.  As we move into 2013 (!) it will be interesting to see where librarianship takes us.

Booklist Webinars

If you are ever wondering what to read next, and aren’t up to date on what’s recent, check out Booklist’s free, archived webinars.  If you’ve never listened to one of these, they are generally a lot of fun, with some good variety mixed in within a genre.  I listened to a Christian Fiction webinar through Booklist before, and was impressed by how many publishers and types were included.

Woman perusing bookshelves

Nursing @ Your Library

Here’s an interesting blog post about a nursing mother being banished from the computer lab while feeding her baby, and directed to use a nursing room at her local library.  Later, the mother received an apology, and the staff was re-trained on this aspect of customer service.    Does your library have a policy regarding breastfeeding?  If you received a complaint about someone feeding their baby, how would you handle it?

Breastfeeding promotion logo

Social Networking for Youth Services Librarians

The Association of Children’s Librarians of Northern California now has a blog, a Facebook Page, and Twitter:

Check out ACL’s new social networking avenues, maintained by Penny Peck and Meredith Steiner.

The blog is fun for any youth services librarian, not just those in California, as it lists news such as book awards, obituaries of authors or illustrators, programming ideas, Review of the Week, and more!