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Library Interns Wanted at Dudley Knox Library

POSTED 12 June 2012 / REVIEW BEGINS 9 July 2012

FOR MORE INFORMATION:  URL: http://libguides.nps.edu/admin

The Dudley Knox Library at the Naval Postgraduate School seeks interested students working on their Library and Information Science Master’s degree for several extended internship opportunities.

Put your coursework “to work” while contributing to the graduate education of approximately 3,000 resident and distance learning student-officers and civilians from the US and allied nations. An internship at Dudley Knox Library is an opportunity to gain experience in a higher-education library while simultaneously exploring the wide array of library and information jobs available in US federal service.

The ideal candidates will apply basic principles learned through graduate coursework and/or practical experience in one or more of these areas:

  • · WEB SERVICES (including: usability; design; content; information architecture; mobile apps; project management)
  • · METADATA SERVICES (including: AACR2; Dublin Core; MARC; Library of Congress Subject Headings; spreadsheet, reporting, and scripting skills)
  • · E-RESOURCES SERVICES (including: licensing; trouble-shooting; statistical and usage analysis; visual display of complex data; spreadsheet, database, and scripting skills)
  • · DIGITAL and ARCHIVAL SERVICES (including: retrospective conversion from analog to digital of print and audio visual materials; project management; spreadsheet, database, and scripting skills)

Candidate(s) must be: US citizen(s) and currently enrolled in university taking a minimum of 6 hours of graduate credit. The Naval Postgraduate School is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer.

Work schedule: Monday – Friday 7:00am – 5:00pm in Monterey, California. Salary range: $17.76 – $22.00 / hour