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Budget Issues Remain

June 19, 2012


FROM:   Mike Dillon, CLA Lobbyist
Christina DiCaro, CLA Lobbyist

RE:     News From The Capitol


While the State Budget and a few related Budget trailer bills were passed by the legislature last Friday, (during a relatively brief session in both houses), in order to comply with the June 15th deadline, many big issues remain unresolved.  The Governor has 12 days from June 15th to sign or veto the Budget bill and the 6 corresponding “trailer bills” sent to him that day.
However, as has been reported in the press, there is still a significant division between the Senate President pro Tem, the Assembly Speaker, and the Governor on several major issues related to the Budget – most specifically but not limited to, cuts to CalWORKS, state employee furloughs, and the so-called Redevelopment money “pass-throughs.”  The Budget bill, SB 1464, “scores” $250 million in “pass-through” revenues to schools, thereby offsetting a like amount of state dollars.  However, the Governor’s office is strongly opposed to this action, as are local government and education groups.

Remarkably, there are still 22 Budget trailer bills on the Senate Budget Committee agenda that have yet to be acted on.  Whether they are all needed or not is open to question, but we have received indications that a large majority of those trailer bills, in significant subject areas, such as education, resources, high speed rail, and others, will still need to be debated and sent to the Governor.  We are hearing that there are still differences of more than $800 million that will need to be resolved between the Democrat leaders and the Governor before an agreed upon “deal” will be
declared.   Likely, because of the differences that remain, there will likely
be no further action on the Budget-related items until next week.

Library Interns Wanted at Dudley Knox Library

POSTED 12 June 2012 / REVIEW BEGINS 9 July 2012


The Dudley Knox Library at the Naval Postgraduate School seeks interested students working on their Library and Information Science Master’s degree for several extended internship opportunities.

Put your coursework “to work” while contributing to the graduate education of approximately 3,000 resident and distance learning student-officers and civilians from the US and allied nations. An internship at Dudley Knox Library is an opportunity to gain experience in a higher-education library while simultaneously exploring the wide array of library and information jobs available in US federal service.

The ideal candidates will apply basic principles learned through graduate coursework and/or practical experience in one or more of these areas:

  • · WEB SERVICES (including: usability; design; content; information architecture; mobile apps; project management)
  • · METADATA SERVICES (including: AACR2; Dublin Core; MARC; Library of Congress Subject Headings; spreadsheet, reporting, and scripting skills)
  • · E-RESOURCES SERVICES (including: licensing; trouble-shooting; statistical and usage analysis; visual display of complex data; spreadsheet, database, and scripting skills)
  • · DIGITAL and ARCHIVAL SERVICES (including: retrospective conversion from analog to digital of print and audio visual materials; project management; spreadsheet, database, and scripting skills)

Candidate(s) must be: US citizen(s) and currently enrolled in university taking a minimum of 6 hours of graduate credit. The Naval Postgraduate School is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer.

Work schedule: Monday – Friday 7:00am – 5:00pm in Monterey, California. Salary range: $17.76 – $22.00 / hour


Social Networking for Youth Services Librarians

The Association of Children’s Librarians of Northern California now has a blog, a Facebook Page, and Twitter:

Check out ACL’s new social networking avenues, maintained by Penny Peck and Meredith Steiner.

The blog is fun for any youth services librarian, not just those in California, as it lists news such as book awards, obituaries of authors or illustrators, programming ideas, Review of the Week, and more!

Jonathan Reichental, keynote speaker for PLP May 11, 2012 annual meeting.

He is currently the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the City of Palo Alto where he is focusing on modernizing the existing technology environment, implementing enhancements to the citywide SAP implementation, as well as pushing the boundaries of innovation in local government such as open data and broader civic participation through mobile devices. Prior to joining the City, Jonathan served as the CIO of O’Reilly Media, an integrated media company. During his tenure he led the successful technology effort to deploy a new global ecommerce platform, enhanced the Oracle financial system, completed and maintained PCI-compliance, implemented an IT governance process, and made several strategic upgrades to the network infrastructure.

Six Big Trends Shaping Your Future.


When Webinars Attack!

When Webinars Attack!: Getting from Tedious to Terrific, by Laura Solomon

Thursday, June 7, 2012, 12 noon, Pacific time

This webinar will last approximately one hour. Webinars are free of charge.  Registration is ONLY done on the day of the event on the WebEx server starting 30 minutes before the start of the webinar. No Passwords are required.  For Tips and Registration Information, please go to

For more information and to participate in the June 7th webinar, go to

You’ve been asked (or maybe you actually volunteered) to do a webinar. Now what? You’ve sat through your share of horrendous webinars, and you don’t want to inflict one on anyone else.

  • ·        How do you prepare?
  • ·        How is a webinar different from giving an in-person presentation?
  • ·        How do you keep people interested so they don’t just go spend the whole time on Facebook?

The questions can be overwhelming and the challenges numerous. Find out what works and what doesn’t, and how to keep your audience engaged. Learn how to avoid the common mistakes that newbie presenters make. Discover what it takes to get asked to do it again–you can make your first (or next) webinar ROCK!

If you are unable to attend the live event, you can access the archived version the day following the webinar.  Check our archive listing at:

Webinar comic