Mini Libraries

The news is going crazy over these new lending libraries that are sweeping, if not the nation, then rural areas.  Check out the video of one of the cutest little libraries to ever exist here.

The Little Library below though is from Faribault, Minnesota, where it is amenably managed by retirees filling in the book availability gap between monthly bookmobile visits.

Little Library

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  1. Just for clarification, the Little Free Library in Faribault is not filling in an availability gap between monthly bookmobile visits. Faribault has a great public library. The Smiths simply believe strongly in reading and wanted to offer this library in their neighborhood.

    It is my hometown of Vesta in southwestern Minnesota which is without a library and, up until recently, had only once-monthly bookmobile service. Funding for that service has now been cut, meaning residents of this small town now have NO library access to books. Efforts are underway to establish a much-needed Little Free Library in the local cafe.

    • Sorry about that! I misread, and mixed up the bookmobile stops in Vesta, with the Faribault Library and the Little Free Library. It sounds like you are well-covered for reading material in Faribault. Hopefully funding changes, and a Little Free Library is established also.

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    • I love running across these little structures, and have seen so many wonderful and unique designs! They are done as a labor of love and craftsmanship, I’m sure.

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