Daily Archives: November 4, 2011

Get Involved!

If you aren’t part of the popular California State Library initiative, Get Involved, you really should be.  At the upcoming CLA conference, there will be some opportunities to hear directly about how libraries are using volunteers in new ways, and a new interest group for volunteer engagement is launching at the conference too!  If you aren’t going to the conference, but you still want the information, you can get all the background you can use on the site’s overview page.  There are also regional interest groups forming now, and one is in the Bay Area!  There are events being planned for next March, so whether you are new to the concept, or an old hand, if you would like to get your library involved, contact PLP and we will get you plugged in.  Also, if you aren’t using Volunteer Match to find your volunteers, you could be!  Contact Carla Lehn at the State Library, and she will even walk you through it.