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Are circulation statistics our best indicator of success?

The Practical Librarian has an interesting post where she beefs about whether circulation statistics are the best indication we have of library success.  She offers all of the arguments that most of us have thought through one time or another, but follows up by suggesting that we have actual quantifiable library performance standards instead.  As more of our services fall away from the print medium, this seems really pertinent.  Read her original post here.

Prairie dog circulation

Guerilla library seized

Well, maybe not a guerilla library, but evidently, Occupy Wall Street had a library with some 5,000 items, and it all got swept away to the sanitation department.  Some items were returned, but many were not, and some were returned in very poor condition.  Read the story here.

Occupy Wall Street Library

Occupy Wall Street Library

The downlow on the Nook Tablet

Here’s an interesting article on the new Nook Tablet.  If you want to read the about the pros and cons of it, and how it stacks up against the new Kindle Fire, check it out here.


Don’t get too out of the work mode while the holidays approach, because the Eureka! Leadership Institute application process will open up soon for the class of 2012.  Eureka! will teach you how to make the most out of your profession, and you will make contacts that will serve you well for the rest of your career.  To get on the interest list and be prepared to turn in your applications in February, sign up here.

Inspiration at Eureka!

George and Joan present: Libraries and Economic Recovery

If you haven’t ever participated in a webinar or in-person engagement with George and Joan before, you really should!  They offer smooth, free-thinking presentations on a variety of library related topics.  This Wednesday, there is a free webinar at noon, Pacific time on how to support entrepreneurs in your service community.  George and Joan bounce ideas off each other, are funny, warm, and thought-provoking.  They answer questions thoughtfully, and are ready to be challenged by participants with tough scenarios.

As we all know, even as our budgets go down, libraries are working hard to help their communities recover through job and business support.  Learn new techniques to do so with a couple of the best speakers in our field.  Check out for more information.

George and Joan

George and Joan